As a professional researcher, software engineer and composer, Tim has dipped his toes into many other fields always driven by the desire to understand how to create. His interests lie in process driven creation, computer aided anything, aleatoric and organic processes as well as the sun. The computer is a tool and as such, we should use it to better understand what makes up the human condition. What is the correlation between what I believe to perceive and what is really out there? Can the computer help me understand or am I only fleeing from reality?

You would see an image of myself.

This website should act as a portfolio of his work, particularly his research, his code and his music. It is deliberately not part of any wordpress, ghost or blogger network for two reasons: First, once in a while, a coder should make the effort to code something for him or herself, for both training and pleasure purposes. Secondly, and more importantly, not everything has to be part of the ever-gobbling, interconnected cloud. Being King of your own webspace has its benefits. Unfortunately, you will not be able to sign up anywhere and comment on stuff. A comment section might be a thing of the future, perhaps, but for now do use the contact section to get in touch, whenever you feel like it!


The blog should mainly function as an outlet to post news on what is happening around the author's professional work, as well as a platform to publish informal thoughts and summaries of the research he has done. Not only might these summaries be helpful to the interested reader, but these essay-type posts function as a motivation and help for the writer grappling with complicated topics for his doctorate.

Speaking of research, a dedicated publications section will serve as list of all my scientific publications. Not much more to be said there, going on...

You may find all major compositions in the compositions section, quite obviously. But there is more to this section: any upcoming performance of his music, be it himself or by others, as well as past performances are listed there. Furthermore, his music extends beyond merely his compositions. Hence all musical projects, active and past, beginning from around the same time frame where things started getting more serious are listed there for informational purposes.

If you are a creative coder and developer yourself and want to check out the fancy tools and scripts this website might have in store for you, head on over the the software section! Chances are, though, you will have gone there directly already using a direct link from a search engine. Nevertheless, if you feel like browsing, be my guest! Over the years, code has piled up and some of this could be very helpful to others. This section will make this code available over time in the hopes that third parties can build on top of it.

The photography section is the oddball in this clique, because it is the least professional part of this website. It is a container for everything else that can be documented via pictures. This includes photos themselves, but also may encompass clay work, electronics, instruments, climbing, trips... or not, who knows. Not even the owner does at this point. Anything goes. This is his playground, his server, his website. He decides, or he might not. Time will tell, or it will pass...

2017, Timothy Schmele