New Release: Next City Sounds - Interfaces

of May 2020, 17:50

Under the EU Project "Interfaces", funded within the "Creative Europe" program, the No Input Ensemble was invited by the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany to participate in a disjointed performance around the entire city. A total of four groups and artists played in different corners of the city of Karlsruhe. The performances were all joined together at the central hub at the ZKM "[...] like a kaleidoscope and artistically processed in a sound installation [...]" in the different locations around the facilities of the museum.

A CD of this performance has now been released on the record label Gruenrekorder as a single track of 62 minutes and 12 seconds. You may grab a copy of the limited release on the record label's shop here

For our performance as the No Input Ensemble in NEXT CITY SOUNDS: INTERFACES, we oriented ourselves along a concept that would base itself in a Drone-performance, as part of the performance space ambience, the ZKM-Kubus' Subspace, but would simultaneously provide fitting material for the central mix in real time. While we were not able to hear and react to what other artists around the city were doing at the time and we're confined only to our own performance, we were however able to study the collaborating artists and prepare ourselves to find our place in the overarching soundscape. The ensemble developed multifaceted spectrum of sounds that would be affected by a restrained character. However, it's detail rich and lively sounds we're able to stand on their own, as audiences we're not only able to visit the central artwork, where all performances were mixed together inside the ZKM itself, but also visit and enjoy the other performances on their own.


The No Input Enseble are Tobias Grothmann, Marnin Jahnke, Daniel Lindenkreuz, Timothy Schmele and Tobias Walter.
The other performances were by artist Lasse-Marc Riek, Lintu + R√łyk and KITeratur.
Multi-room sound installation at the ZKM: Marco Kempf (Cube balcony), Benjamin Miller & Barbara Nerness (underground car park at ZKM), Sebastian Schottke & Dan Wilcox (ZKM Cube)
Production: ZKM | Hertz-Lab
Concept & artistic direction: Yannick Hofmann
Mix & Mastering: Sebastian Schottke
Software development: Dan Wilcox
The original link to the event can be found here